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Making owning art simple and affordable


As you will see after viewing my work, I love many different forms of art.  I use various materials to bring an idea to life.  I love to draw,  paint, and work with glass and wood. 

I hope you will find a piece of art that you will connect with, but if you have an idea and would like me to help bring it to life, please contact me.  I can make owning original art simple and affordable.

Pencil Portraits



   I take a photograph and 

           make it a piece of art....

Create an Heirloom with an Oil Painting 




            Truly creating a generational gift...




    Click Here


 Stained glass...

     a beautiful timeless art form




 Wood Burning


           An old art form...

                 for the modern age

Oil Paintings




   Rich colors and textures 

       come alive in this form of art








  An affordable art form

      for the beginning collector...



Pen and Ink




                         The purest form of art...

                                  black and white


Coat of Arms



Coat of Arms...

    an original just for your family

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